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Today’s article is focused on one of those few qualities that makes the Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu SAN the Man of the people in Ondo State and southwest Nigeria.

The Governor has been hailed by the national and international bodies for his calm looking nature with high appreciable creative standard performance for the past two and a half years in office.

The students and scholars in Nigeria has mostly described Akeredolu as a leader with Authentic style of leadership approach that emphasizes building the leader’s legitimacy through honest relationships with the people whose value is built on an ethical foundation.

However, authentic leaders are positive people with truthful self-concepts which promote openness. Governor Akeredolu is an open book of inclusive government which is the backbone of good governance.

The Ondo State number one citizen is a mission driven governor and his common focused is on results. The Man Aketi is able to put the mission and the goals of the state and Southwest security ahead of his own self-interest. Governor Akeredolu has demonstrated this rear valve through the quality of job done in pursuit of results, not for his own power, money or ego.

The farmers have their own description for the Ondo State governor. They call him a Great leader with clear vision for the future of the sunshine State. These farmers have their believe that there are very few natural visionary leaders in the political world in Nigeria and Ondo State is lucky to have one as her governor in the person of Arakunrin Akeredolu.

Akeredolu is a visionary leader who communicates his visions clearly and passionately. This has often motivate the people to act with passion and purpose, thereby ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal. The end result is that everyone contributes to the government’s forward momentum. Research has shown that, this is one of the greatest secret of the Ondo State governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu (SAN).
Amotekun is a good example.

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