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Ondo state would soon become the hub of bitumen in Africa when its bitumen exploration full operational.

Chairman and Chief Executive officer of the Ondo state Development and Investment Promotion Agency ONDIPA, Mr Boye Oyewunmi gave the assurance while speaking with orangefm on the agency’s achievements and the projection for the year 2020.

Mr Oyewunmi said Governor Akeredolu would not play politics with the establishment of viable industries and bitumen exploration for the growth of Ondo state’s economy.

He said the construction yard and

administrative block for the effective take off of the bitumen have reached an advance stage .

“In this year 2020, Bitumen exploration will start in Ondo state ,the construction yard and administrative block for the effective take of the project had been finished while the internal roads have reached 85 percent completion. It is private driven initiative supported by the present administration. We are not the one funding it but we have provided enabling environment, secured licences and all the environmental issues ,we worked hand in glove to secure the workability of the project,That is a given and I have heard alot of talks about is it going to happen or not .There are many bus stops before you get to your destination , when it is launch ,the naysayers will be put to shame.it is being over six months that I saw all the machineries in lekki in two different Warehouses ,once the place is completed and the internal road is done with , they will move them in and we are planning that ,president Muhammadu buhari will commission the project .This is the beginning of Ondo state becoming the hub of butimen in Africa. I assure you that, this will start this year.”

He explained that in the last three years the present administration has facilitated industries like Bambi Oil refinery,The Ore Indsurial hub, Ondo Lyin,Textiles factory among others for socio economic development of the state.

Once you have good infrastructural layout, industries will come, generally people spend less.This is an agrarian society,we have the Rural Access Mobility Programme RAMP where there is a conscious effort to make sure that the roads that go to the rural areas especially into the farm settlements are motorable so that they can bring their produce out and it does not rotten in the farms .And for all of these we are beginning to see tractions.development has to be planned , structured, evissioned systemic. ”

He said Ondo state is setting the pace for others to follow in terms of development and investment promotion.

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