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2023: Governor Wike Talks About Imposing Successor On Rivers State


Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state says he will not impose anybody on Rivers people in the build-up to the next general election in 2023.
The governor, who made this known during a Solidarity Visit by leaders of the Orashi Region of Rivers on Saturday, said power can never be extended as a gift to any group.
“For the position of Governorship if you have the capacity, come out and contest. Nobody zoned Governorship to me, I struggled for it,” he said.
“I will not impose anybody on Rivers people as Governor in 2023. I will not do it. I don’t even have that power, not to talk of giving it out. You cannot give what you don’t have.
“To be the Governor of Rivers State, you must have the capacity to deliver.”
The governor, who cautioned against politics of bitterness, said: “Don’t allow anyone to sow seeds of discords among you. Politics should not divide us. Politics of bitterness does not make sense.
“All of us must not be in one political party. But you must support yourselves to attract projects to your area.”
He also urged Orashi people to form a united front.
“We must be able to work as a people. We will not abandon any projects awarded by the State Government. You must work as a team to achieve results,” he said.

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