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Singing praises of an individual’s exemplary leadership in the corridors of government isn’t a common practice with me. But as a patriotic Nigerian and of course, amongst the country’s leaders of thought, there is a high need for us to appreciate good governance and exemplary leadership wherever they are being exhibited.

In Ondo State, there are over a thousand reasons for us to appreciate the good administration of the State Governor. While emphasizing the relevance of doing the right thing by our political leaders and the importance of advancing on the exemplary dispensation of the Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.
It is often said that the best way to understand the actions of any individual (behavioural pattern), is to find out the ‘motives’. Once motive is known, the individual’s actions are better understood. Which leaves one to the decision of whether such an individual is someone of integrity that can be trusted or not, putting every word that comes out of his/her mouth into consideration. Hence, when we realise the ‘motives’ behind every actions/inactions of our Nigerian Politicians as leaders in government circles, we are often left bewildered and disappointed. Most of our political leaders, who are fond of making promises they end up not keeping; are the reason why Nigeria, despite its enormous human and natural resources is bedeviled with baggages of problems that have left us in a deplorable state as a ‘developing nation’. The true ‘ motive’ of a typical Nigerian politician, is never about ‘selfless service,’ neither is it about transformation and economic elevation of the citizens. The more reason our hearts merry when someone like Arakunrin Akeredolu, has proven to be an exception.
Candidly speaking, it is not every time that we hear or see a governor in Nigeria who has been prudent in the handling and management of state funds.
Having inherited a state with a near empty treasury which was submerged in the waters of debts , Arakunrin Akeredolu has proven his mettle by strategically creating policies and initiatives that seeked to create drastic changes in the financial fortunes of the state. These moves has proven successful as the state has recorded massive economic growth within two years as Governor of the Sunshine state.
According to the recent statistics, Ondo State ranks high among the top 10 States in Nigeria with the highest IGR growth rate after generating N19Billion in half year 2019. This represents a 101% increase from the N9.4Billion generated in half year 2018.
By thinking out of the box, thinking anew, acting anew, and doing things differently, the state’s IGR has increased sporadically.
While we celebrate the Akeredolu led adminiatration in Ondo State, we must not forget to appreciate the very impressive manner at which he has judiciously managed these funds. For most governors, and public office holders it would have been another means for them to plunder the state fund. It would have been a means of looting the treasury to a state of comatose while enriching themselves and their accounts with these public funds. The state would in turn be pacified with white elephants projects which has no real value to the citizens.

Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has prudently managed the state funds and also made sure that the funds be put to good community based projects ranging from Infrastructural developments, industrial drive, empowernment and creation of Jobs for young school leavers.
Also noticeable is the approach of the state government to cutting excess spending. While Every successive government in Nigeria spends huge amount of money in procuring new vehicles for Its officials and leaving the old ones to rot, Ondo State Government has contracted 384 grounded vehicles for total refurbishment. The refurbished vehicles were delivered back to the state government with new engines which upgraded the vehicles to an almost new state. This singular act saved the state a whooping sum of N463million.

The educational sector was also duely affected positively. According to 2017 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey(MICS), Ondo State recorded 113,746 out-of-school children. To improve access to quality education, over 800 dilapidated public primary schools have been reconstructed across the 18 LGAs of the state with standard facilities. With the renovation of these over 800 dilapidated schools across the State, Arakunrin Akeredolu has saved the state from excessive spending on the construction of new buildings when the old ones could have been easily renovated to give our pupils standard environments for learning.
“When you find a good leader, keep him” Arakunrin Akeredolu has proven himself to be a good leader and a prudent one at that. While he has continued to manage the state funds exceedingly well, saving the state treasury from extravagant and excessive spending. He has also put the state funds to good use. The massive industrialization drive experienced in the state has raised the economic growth ratings of the state. Ore has come alive with the establishment of the Linyl Industrial hub which will not only see to the generation of income for the state,but has already created massive employment opportunities for youths in the state.
The various opening of rural areas through the dualisation of road networks will go along way in ensuring the transportation of raw materials from the rural areas to the cities, which will in no small way contribute to the state’s economic growth.
Arakunrin has shown to the good sons and daughters of Ondo State that he is a strategic planner, while the state has continued to see its economic rating soar high, they are also well assured that the state fund is safe and being prudently utilized under the leadership of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

Amudipe Marcus

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