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The Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu popularly known as “Aketi” has been described as a gift to the sunshine state indigene who over the years has only enjoy democracy as a lip service in the past years.

In one of my articles i spoke intensively about Aketi’s humility as a leader who do not think of himself; but just think about himself less.”

I was sent a message from concerned citizen of the State about some special traits of the man Aketi which was missing in that article. However in this article we would look at some of those characteristics which will form the basis for my article.

The man Aketi is considered to be a visionary leader with great sense of Empathy which is the “building block for morality.” A leader who lacks empathy will struggle to build strong relationships with his team, It is a key to healthy communication.

It is being said that empathy begins by giving others the benefit of doubt. Akeredolu is a Leader who takes his time to understand the needs of his people and then provides them with the support they require to forge ahead, to deal with challenges that could be holding them back from achieving their goals.

Empathy is a desire to know the other person. Compassion is to act on that knowledge with positive intent.” this attributes forms the personality of the man Aketi.

There is also something refreshing about a leader who is confident enough to show his sense of humor. It humanizes him; creating an enabling environment for greater productivity. With this idealogy, the man Aketi has set Ondo State on a right part of equality between the rich, the poor, different tribes and region etc.

An American anthropologist, Edward Hall said: “If you can learn the humor of a people and really control it, you know that you are also in control of nearly everything else.”

A leader’s witty personality matters. It keeps egos in check, spirits high, and feet on the ground.

The man Aketi, is a focus leader and also a strategists. He is able to focus on tasks and navigate his team to complete objectives smoothly and efficiently. This has birth the standard of good roads network across the state.

As an effective leader, Akeredolu is focused, dedicated, committed — in providing accurate (and realistic) vision of the future geared towards a good leadership.

In the military, we give medals to people who sacrifice so much for others … Likewise in business, we give bonuses to people who gained when others sacrificed.”

My question is? What honor do you give to a credible leader who has done so much to bring a State from the lowest part of the map to the top for recognition in the country, home and abroad.

If we align ourselves with these characteristics, we will undoubtedly impact lives. It requires a tremendous amount of discipline (and self-awareness), but atmost, we would be playing our own part in making the world a much better place.

Join the man Aketi to move Ondo State forward.

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